Check your system options

Dispensary system options are usually set to limit the number of medicines that are initially searched. This ‘usual’ setting limits the list to those medicines that have stock or have been recently dispensed.

When new listings are added to a pharmacy database, they will often have zero stock on hand and no recent dispensing, so will not be visible due to the usual ‘masking’ criteria. F7 Unhide has to be pressed to find them.

If this is your experience and you are finding it frustrating…

Set the “– but show all subsidised medicines” option.

An override to the SOH/recent dispensing mask is possible to ensure that ALL subsidised medicines are always returned when a medicine is searched, regardless of its Stock on Hand OR it’s last dispensing date.

Go to

  • Administration

  • Setup

  • General Options

  • F11 Next Page, the option is found top right of the screen.

  • After editing the options use F11 until F12 becomes available.