The Prescription Subsidy Card Lookup 

This is a MOH web based system which helps pharmacies find or confirm a patient Rx count toward exemption. 

There is a menu with two options, to lookup NHI's or to lookup PSC card numbers.

This standalone lookup requires the entry of one or more NHI’s to return the PSC count along with the card number if they are already exempt. 

Dispensary Interface

Direct function key patient context access to the lookup (no need to enter an NHI), no need to select menu item.

It is also be possible to lookup a family count too, in the family maintenance screen.

Access to the Lookup

For the PSC lookup, edit patient and press the F3 NHI/PSC Lookup key, then choose option 3 Prescription subsidy Card lookup.

The website will be called from Toniq with the NHI of the patient and the results will be displayed without any need for double entry of details.

The Special Authority lookup works in a similar manner but carries through either NHI or special authority. See specific knowledge article on Special Authority lookup.