Load Days – What are they? How do I set them? 

Many pharmacies now have data in their Toniq Dispensary system which goes back over a decade.. 

Loading all of this data can make the Dispensary program slow to load. Similarly when a patient is selected on the Rx entry screen, the program will take longer to load the Rx history for a patient with 10 years of Rx history than one with 1 yr’s worth of Rx history. 

Load Day Options:

Two options in Toniq Dispensary limit how much history is loaded but from time to time these need to be extended in order to access a patient's historical data.

  • 7. Administration
  • 1. Setup
  • 5. General options to review the load days

In this example database data is loaded back to 3rd December 2012.

Script load days – ( 0= All Scripts loaded)

It is important to realise that reducing the scripts loaded will affect the date range across which you can run dispensary reports. If only 2 years of script data is loaded, you cannot report on 3 years of data

Patient History Load Days - (0= Full Patient History)

You may wish to leave script load days at 0 and just limit the patient history load days for faster patient histories.

NB: The patient history grid has an F10 option to Recall Full Patient History Which will override this limit on demand on this screen only.

Setting/Resetting the load days options.

The options are not effective until after the whole Toniq system has been closed and restarted.

So if in doubt, set the script load days (in particular) to a greater number of days than you think you need.