New Template TQ SOAP Note – use if you prefer the SOAP approach for patient notes. SOAP notes are organised into 4 sections

  • Subjective = what the patient reports; 

  • Objective = what the pharmacist observes/measures;

  • Assessment = the pharmacist’s clinical conclusions;

  • Plan = specific actions to be taken.

How to consolidate your Soap notes 

The TQ SOAP Note template has two SOAP grid frameworks. This allows a historical SOAP note to be copied forward to current date. If the blank grid is then copied and pasted to the TOP of the note, a current note detail can be filled in and saved.

Result = A comprehensive patient history note, always with the most current note at the top AND accurate dated notes tied to patient history for a perfect audit trail.

Detailed instructions of how this is done are ON THE TEMPLATE.

Follow instructions to create this consolidated comprehensive note…