Wastage Rules  from 1st Feb 09

  • Antibiotic wastage may be claimed at time of dispensing. See https://www.pharmac.govt.nz/information-for/pharmacists/#wastage  
  • Pharmac schedule details the wastage rule, including the conditional requirement to reduce the dispensed quantity, when the prescribed amount exceeds a whole pack, by less than 10%
  • Since you are required to keep a record of the wastage, it is possible that Audit may ask you to supply a report showing this
  • The prescription details report can be useful for this

Setup the Wastage Report

Go to 3 – Reports, 2 – Prescription reports, 2 - Prescription details

  • If you have NEVER used the Rx details report before, skip next bullet point and Press Add F3.
  • If you have used Rx details report before, search the saved  reports ([space bar] and [Enter]) to see if there is an existing “Wastage” report, select it if there is, or press F3 – Add

The Criteria:

  1. Give the report a meaningful name: “Wastage”
  2. Enter the date range – as required by Audit
  3. Make sure all other selection boxes are empty
  4. Check that Include New Rxs is ticked
  5. Check that Include Repeats is ticked
  6. F11 – Next page
  7. Tick Non-OP medicines with waste
  8. F11 – Next page and F12 – Accept details
  9. F10 – View Pages OR F12 – Print

The report will show both the dispensed quantity and the pack size of the medicine dispensed, for each dispensing, so that it is clear what the wastage was on each dispensing.