Setting up Shop Price Options.

Standard Function

A user will be prompted to use shop price:

  • If the medicine has a Retail price setup (per pack) 
  • AND a full pack or number of full packs are selected in quantity dispensed
  • AND the Shop price is less than the normally calculated price according to the applicable algorithm for patient/medicine/pricing setup

Further Options

1) Override the whole pack 

  • Edit the medicine and set the Proportional shop pricing option.

 2) Override the 'must be less than calculated dispensing price' restriction.

  •  Go to Admin, Setup, General Options, F11, F11  tick Use shop price if greater than prescription item price.

At Dispensing time.

The 'Shop price’ prompt indicates if the price is going to be greater or less than normally calculated by use of the words increase or decrease and by the red/blue border of the prompt box.