Medicine Management Plan: The ‘Living’ Document

The LTC Service requires pharmacists to refer frequently to the Medicines Management Plan, updating it as a patient’s circumstances change. Yet once this document has been loaded in a patient diary it slips away with historical Rxs...

How can it be kept current and easily accessible?

Use the COPY Function

Example: To review the medicines management plan every time an LTC patient gets a new set of Rx’s, copy it, so it lines up with the Rxs.

To quickly copy the Medicines Managemant Plan:

  1. Click on the note in the history grid and F2 View Edit
  2. F5 Copy Note and Yes to prompt
  3. F12 Accept Details

If there is a change in the patient’s circumstances, at any time, the medicines management plan can still be copied forward and edited to reflect the change and any resulting decisions. This keeps a good audit trail of when decisions were made and why and keeps the plan alive and easily accessible.