What happens when the EAR portal successfully updates?

When dispensary users update LTC registration detail, a message is displayed after F12 Accept  to indicate a ‘live’ update success or failure.


If you try to update an LTC status and nothing seems to happen, contact us and we will check that you are registered and that you are eprescribing enabled.

New LTC Details Send status 

The LTC details panel now records the last successful update.

Update failures are recorded along with the date of the last successful update.

What to do if LTC Registration update(s) fail?

Updates will fail if the Internet or Health Network is not working or if the Toniq Server is not setup right.

 (Tell Toniq if you are getting a new Server!)

At Rx Entry.

Failed LTC update information will show when an LTC patient is selected at Rx entry. The user can just try the update again……
NB: The update status line only shows at Rx entry for failed updates.


Patient Bulk Edit can be used to work through multiple failures.

On the second page of Bulk Edit Patient, tick the ‘LTC Update failed’ and F12 Accept to get a list of all patients who have a ‘failed’ LTC status.

Use F2 Edit list, then Edit list patient by patient, and use F9 Edit LTC to retry the update for each patient in the list..

NHI change and LTC registration.

If Patient NHI is changed on an LTC registered patient, the Pharmacy must now enter a reason for the change. 

This is a drop down selection. If the update fails, the NHI number will not be changed and instead reverts to what it was.