In the following guide, we will create a quick access shortcut to the eSCRV Regional Repository Homepage, however the same steps can be applied to any other website you may wish to create a shortcut to.

NB: The eSCRV homepage is where pharmacists can request a new password for access to the electronic shared care views and other clinical info in the regional repository, available on the Health Connect South website.

From any Toniq menu:

  1. F1 – Help, F10 – Edit URL
  2. Press Enter to review current URLs and to view available function keys

  1. Press F3 – Add  
  2. Type in the name to appear on the assigned function key : e.g. eSCRV~Home
  3. The ~ between letters word wraps the name over the 2 available lines.
  4. Type in the website URL
  5. Leave the Retail function key box blank
  6. Use Spacebar to select an available Function key for Dispensary.
  7. F12 – Accept Details

Press F1 – Help, then F8 – eSCRV~Home, to launch the website from anywhere in Dispensary on any workstation.