All strengths and and brands of Warfarin have a Dispensing note (=CPAM) . This can be used to easily find patients taking any warfarin presentation.

How Many Patients Take Warfarin?

Use the Patient Bulk Edit feature to find this:

  1. Main menu
  2. 9 – Other
  3. 2 – Bulk edit patients
  4. Enter Period under Script Criteria – i.e. enter start and end date to cover the last 5 months
  5. F11 – Next page, F11 – Next page
  6. Under Dispensing Note, enter "CPAM"
  7. Press F11 – Next page, F11 – Next page
  8. F12 – Accept


This generates a list of patients who have had at least one Warfarin dispensing at some point in the stated date range.

The total number of patients is shown at the top of the screen – 164 in the example shown below: