Using F3 Owe

Setting the quantity to 0 supplies the owe, it does NOT remove it.

The label on screen for the Rx will shows the balance.

But I don’t want it to show a ‘Balance’

Outstanding OWE  
Balance or Supplied OWE
10 Omeprazole Cap 10mg (OME) (OWE 7)
14 Candesartan cilexetil Tab 8mg (CAN) (Balance)
Owe: 10 (Given 28 Jul)

Use Clear Owes to remove an ‘outstanding’ or a ‘supplied’ owe.

Edit the Rx item,  Use F10 Other and select the  7. Clear Owings option.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to Clear Owings Completely 

NB: This is not intended primarily to be used to mark an owe as “never collected”. It is used most often retrospectively to simplify and resolve a claiming payment complexity.  It makes the script appear as if the whole item was dispensed in one lot – i.e. there never was an owing.   

BUT: If the owe was never supplied and IS cleared in this manner then the quantity on the Rx should also be edited to the quantity that was actually dispensed.