Toniq can remind you when an LTC patient is close to the end of their service year and requires a review.

Set this up via: 

  1. Main menu, 7 – Administration, 1 – Setup, 5 – General options
  2. Press F11 – Next page, F11 – Next page, F11 – Next page

The LTC warning reminder is bottom right of the screen. There are three options.

When/Where Will I Be Reminded? 

When this reminder is set, the Rx entry screen will check the LTC dates for any current LTC patient at patient selection time. 

If the patient is within e.g 45 days of the end of their annual service, a reminder will be displayed that the patient is due a review. 

It is our recommendation that this reminder is not used as the principal method for review management. It is intended as a ‘belt and braces’ style function to catch anyone that has slipped through apparently un-reviewed. 

(For example if the review has actually been done but the date was not set….)

The other reminder will highlight expiring LTC services in the electronic claim screens and/or the prescription cycle processing screens.

We recommend that either the LTC patient summary report (3 – Reports, 4 – Patient reorts, 7 – LTC patient summary) is used or the
Patient Bulk Edit (9 – Other, 2 – Bulk edit patients) to regularly get a list of patients with reviews due and organize the re-reviews to fit in with other pharmacy business.