Patient Condition Can Be Used for More than LTC

There are various initiatives being run, proposed or launched around the country aimed at encouraging smoking patients to try giving up. It is important to know the smoking status of the patient and not to alienate them by asking the same questions time and again, so recording their basic smoking status is a quick and valuable move.

Quick Recording of Smoking Status

To quickly record the smoking status of a patient

  • Select the patient on Rx entry form
  • Press F3 – LTC/Services
  • C – Conditions
  • Type “smok”
  • Down arrow to the relevant status, press F3 – Add
  • F12 – Accept 

Next Time the Patient Visits the Pharmacy
As soon as the patient is selected you already know:

  • That the patient is a smoker, an ex-smoker or a non-smoker

More information e.g. the date the condition was stored is available and there may be more useful notes in the patient diary and patient history may have evidence of attempts to stop. 

These details will enable the technician/pharmacist to quickly refresh themselves about the status of the patient with respect to the likely need for further counselling on smoking cessation. Even if no more notes have been recorded the smoking status and date are valuable information on their own.