Audit log -from Edit patient

F2 – Edit Patient, F10 – Other , 1. Audit Log to view changes made to Patient record.

Use to clarify current patient status and review change history

This example highlights the usefulness of the Patient Audit Log for unravelling an LTC registration problem, but the audit records much more than just LTC detail changes.

Example: When information about a patient’s LTC registration, on the EAR system is confusing, check the patient audit in Toniq. This can sometimes clarify the picture, especially for patients who have been in and out of the service.

The Patient Audit Log

Each summary line on the log shows the date that a change was made, the workstation the change was made on, the type of change, and the staff logon code being used at the time. Move up and down through the log to see details in the grey panel below.

e.g. Audit log entries tracking a patient from the LTC service to the ARRC Service – and back again.

NB: The Audit log only records changes made in TONIQ