Find Patients with multiple RX items within a date range

Reviewing patient history.

Pharmacy may wish to begin to identify patients who are candidates for patient centred services. The Bulk Edit Patient feature can group patients and then refine the group based on a varied set of criteria. The following example shows how to select patients based on the number of Rx items they have had within a specified date range – and their contactability.

Lets say we want to get an approximate list of monthly community patients who have a phone number OR mobile number.

  • 9. Other 
  • 2. Bulk Edit Patients
  • Add F3
  • Set Date range
  • set (from) and (to) No. of Items
  • F11 next page and tick 'has phone number'
  • F12 Accept

This generates a list of patients with a landline phone number but there may be other patients with a mobile number but no landline number. So we could now take this list and add more patients 'in bulk'

  • F2 Edit List - Add patients in bulk
  • set the SAME date range and 'from and 'to' number of items.
  • Go to page 2 (F11) and tick 'has mobile number'
  • Press F12 Accept

This list can now be printed, saved to contact list or refined further

NB: We assume it is less likely that institution patients would have a recorded phone number, therefore are unlikely to come up in this list. If this is wrong then exclude them:  Save the list F12.  Make an Institution Group (5. Dosepack, 9.Other). In Bulk Edit, recall the saved list and ‘remove patients in bulk’ by selecting the Institution Group.

Refining the list of patients?

  • Patients can be added to or removed from the list in bulk in a similar way to that in the example above using (F2 Edit List)
  • Individually selected patients can be removed (F10) or added (one by one)
  • The list can also be sorted F3 (by number of items)
  • Each patient can be edited directly and F5 can view the patient's history

Save to a contact list or Print?

When the list has been refined - It can be SAVED (F9) to a contact list with a meaningful name - this may be a useful alternative to printing. The contact list shows patients name and phone number and is clearly useful for phoning (texting or emailing) patients.

But a contact list can ALSO be used to temporarily save a specific group of patients who can then be recalled for further work. (in Bulk edit Patients - using On contact list under Patient criteria)

Bulk Edit output options  - Print

A printed report can be generated from bulk edit with tailored output (setup on the last screen of the bulk edit criteria). It is easy to forget to do this at criteria selection time, so if this happens, save the list to a contact list (as above). Then use bulk edit to recall that named contact list, setup the output criteria generate the list again and then print.

Output Screen: Tick the required output fields and specify how much space (100 = 1cm) is needed to print them. F12 Accept and Print the list.