Both Toniq programs check for VALID backup locations on a REGULAR basis so it is a good idea to check that yours are OK.

Configure backup locations

From the Main Menu of either Retail or Dispensary press 8. Backup, 4. Specify Backup Locations.

Location 1 (Fixed): The fixed backup location should be on a PC which is NOT the server. This is important as a backup stored on the Server cannot be restored if the Server has failed.
eg, the backup location should not start with a local drive letter, for example C:\ or D:\

Location 2 (Removable): The removable backup is to protect the pharmacy business from catastrophic failures like fires or earthquake.  If the pharmacy does not do an online backup, then a removable backup MUST be done, usually to one of a set of USB flash drives, then taken off-site each night on rotation.

Max: This is the number of backups kept for each location.

The Retail and Dispensary software allows for different backup locations. Check they are the same so that the backup can be initiated from either program with the same results.

You can select a backup location by deleting the contents of the field, then pressing spacebar, which will open a folder selection window.

Last backup: Shows the date/time and size of the last successful backup completed. You may need to check this screen in both programs to see which program performed the last backup.

Performing backups

Backing up from Retail or Dispensary backs up the entire program database for both applications, so you do not need to run the backup on each program.

In the backup menu you have 3 options to choose from:

  • 1. Backup to Location 1 (fixed)
  • 2. Backup to Location 2 (removable)
  • 3. Backup to both Locations

Was the Backup Successful?

NB: Check the Retail backup locations, since they are often missing or incorrect!

You can check the Specify Backup Locations screen to see the last successful backup date & time.

Backup Failure: backup location is missing or unavailable {followed by the PC name and folder it is trying to write to}

The destination pathname, where the backup file is to be written, is incorrect:

  • EITHER the computer it refers to does not exist on the Toniq network
  • OR it is not powered on (it does not need to be in a Toniq program)
  • OR there is NO pathway to a backup location at all
  • OR the folder where the file is to be written cannot be accessed

Check where the program is trying to write the file and correct it – if you can:

Go to Main menu, 8 Backups, 4 Specify Backup Locations. If the path name begins with e.g. \\BOB\, it means the computer to which the backup file is written is called BOB. So the computer called BOB needs to be a part of your Toniq network and turned on for the backup to work.

Check in Windows, by browsing to the relevant location. Copy the location from the Specify Backup Locations screen and paste it into the explorer address bar.

The dates and times should match previous backups that have been performed. These files are encrypted and cannot be opened without special Toniq restorer software.

 To find the name of ANY Toniq computer, press F10 About on the Main Menu of Dispensary or Retail. 
The computer's name is shown on the info panel e.g. This computer: DISP1

Existing Backup Location Not Available?

  1. Find the name of a reasonably new computer, other than the server.
  2. On the PC you are trying to backup FROM, go to Main menu, 8 Backups, 4 Specify Backup Locations and the new computer's name into the Location 1 (Fixed) i.e. \\DISP1\c$\Toniq Backups. Then press F12 Accept details
  3. Try the backup again: 8 Backup, 1 Backup to Location 1 (Fixed)

IF you need help to correct or set a backup location contact Toniq on 03 3410195.

Please do NOT ignore the problem

Online backups and Toniq Vault Users

Even if your pharmacy has automatic online database backups, fixed backups are recommended for additional security.


This is even more important if you use online backup software other than Toniq Vault. You should know how to check these are working and who to contact if you need to restore one.

To check Vault backups are working, look at your recent Vault backup emails.  They should show a job status of ‘Backup finished successfully’ for the Toniq database backup set: