Do you do supply ARRC rest homes? Consider setting up an Institution Group. Why?

ARRC rest home prescriptions are paid at the same rate under the new Pharmacy Agreement as they were paid under the old one.

It can be useful to exclude them from reports and patient bulk edit:

  • Useful when managing patients  in the LTC service and
  • Reviewing differences between the old and new agreements

Make this easier by grouping your ARRC rest homes into an ARRC Group:

Go to:

  1. 5 – Dosepack
  2. 9 –  Other
  3. 1 – Edit institution groups
  4. Press spacebar to check if there is already an ARRC group setup!
  5. If not, press, F3 – Add, Give the group a name e.g. ARRC
  6. F5 – Add Inst., Highlight each ARRC institution and use F3 – Incl.Inst. to put all your ARRC institutions into this group
  7. F12 – Accept details when finished

Institution groups can be reported on in the Prescription Details report (on the 3. Reports menu) and they can be included/excluded from patient bulk edit (on the 9. Other menu).

In the next program version they can be included/excluded on the Dispensary Summary report too.