The problem

The solution

The wrong Doctor has been processed on all Rxs for one patient in the same visit on the same day
Go to Patient History, F2 – View on one of the items, F4 – Fix Doctor to change
An institution's prescriber has changed

NB: Since dispensing is usually done for institutions using the copy concept,  either manual or automated (Rx cycle processing), the user is recommended to actually process the Rxs first on the wrong doctor and then change as described, before printing packs etc.

Where cycles include repeats – the doctor may need to be changed after the next few cycles until all patients have had a new Rx
Go to 7 – Admin, 8 – Change Prescriber
  • Set Rx start date and end date this can be tied to times if it is to cover only one particular Rx cycle generation.
  • Select previous doctor
  • Select replacement doctor
  • Select Institution
  • Tick change or clear usual doctor
  • F12 – Accept
NB: A summary number of patients and Rxs to be changed will be displayed BEFORE changes are made – so escape is possible if this does not ‘look’ right
A Doctor has Left a Practice and Multiple Patients Now Require their Usual Doctor Changed in the System

NB: Usual doctor can be replaced or cleared
Main menu, 9 – Other, 2 – Bulk Edit Patients, F3 Add Select Usual prescriber (the one that has left), consider setting practice address too if doctor prescribes from more than one area, F12 – Accept details
F4 – Set Other, 1 – Usual Prescriber, Select new prescriber, F12 – Accept details