Dosepack Mode stops medicine labels from printing for tabs/caps. You may wish to use this mode to avoid wasting labels if you don't have any use for them when printing dosepacks.

How to Enable Dosepack Mode

Press F10 – Other on the Rx Entry screen before or after selecting a patient

Select D – Dosepack Prescriptions

Select Y – Yes to the prompt to enter "Dosepack processing" mode

A big red label is shown at the top of the screen when you are in Dosepack Mode.

Note: Dosepack mode DOES NOT set Tel Rx status automatically.

How to Exit Out of Dosepack Mode

  1. Press F10 – Other
  2. D – Dosepack prescriptions
  3. Select N – No to the prompt 

Alternatively, exiting to the main menu will also take you out of Dosepack Mode.

Are these Dosepacks for Institution Patients?

Dosepack mode can make it easier to process dosepack Rxs for all patients in the same institution.  Once one patient’s foil Rxs have been processed (at END VISIT) a list of all patients in that institution is displayed to make it easier to pick the next patient.