There are 3 patient based services which are paid via prescription item fees in the electronic claiming system:

ARRC – Aged Related Residential Care
CRC – Community Residential Care
CDOS – Co-Dispensed Opioid Service

Patients who qualify for ARRC or CRC services should be setup in an ‘institution’ which has the relevant service set on the institution.  

ie: Main Menu 5, 7, 1 Institution Maintenance and with relevant institution selected, see Service type.

As patients are allocated an institution, new service registrations are created for patients and are visible in the Patient Services screens, also under F8 Patient services on 2nd page of Edit patient.

Management of Patients in Services Using Groups

A pharmacy may have many different ‘institutions’ setup in the pharmacy software. Grouping them makes it easier to manage and analyse information for patients who are categorised as ARRC from those for CRC.

Institution Groups

An institution group can be setup for ARRC Facilities and for  CRC Facilities. 

The dispensary summary report can be run for an Institution Group to get for example a picture of the income just for all resthome work.

Bulk edit patients can be run with Institution Group set to include (or exclude) from a list of patients to report or interactively work on.

Setup Institution Groups

  1. Go to 5 – Dosepack/Charts, 7 – Administration, 2 – Edit institution groups
  2. Press spacebar to see if any groups have already been setup. There may be groups in place for a rest home franchise like BUPA or RYMAN
  3. Press F3 – Add, and name the group e.g. CRC Facilities
  4. Press F5 – Add Inst
  5. The list of institutions is displayed
  6. Select each CRC institution and press F3 – Incl. Inst. to add it to the group
  7. F12 – Accept when all the relevant institutions have been added to the group