How much control do we have over the new Safe Dispensing Alerts?

The new feature is effective once a medicine update has been run from v4.24 of the Toniq Dispensary System.

This feature was programmed, in response to requests from some pharmacies, to highlight medicines with special potential for dispensing errors.  Warnings and Counselling points were developed with the Safety and Quality Use of Medicines group, and are authorised by them.

The functionality consists of:

  • a prompt at dispensing time with medicine specific warnings
  • a form printed at end visit with medicine specific counselling points, and prescription details
  • a special automatically generated intervention

The feature has a lot of flexibility – so it can be used  as much or as little as you think is helpful to your pharmacy and patients.

The default functionality is a prompt for patients receiving the medicine for the first time, an automatically generated intervention for this Rx and a printed a list of warning and counselling points at end visit, with details of the Rx on it.  

To Find OptionsOptions AvailableMore/Less Checking
7 – Administration, 1 – Setup, 5 – General Options,
F11, F11, F11 (affects all 6 meds)
Don’t print (alert) form.
Don’t create intervention.
Always display alerts.  
Show counselling information in prompt (as well as warnings)
Edit Med,
F11, F11
No alert.
Turns off all Safety Alert functions for this pharamcode only.
No checks at all.

There is an option under F10 Other to suppress check label printing at F11 End visit – for a specific visit. Select N - No check label if preferred.