Emailing debtor account statements can save time & money.

‘Debtor Email’ is a chargeable module.  We estimate printed statements cost approximately $2 each to print, sort, fold & post.  Emailing to 5 or more customers means the ‘Debtor Email’ module pays for itself.

Please contact Toniq Retail team via email or on 03 3410195 for registration and pricing

Benefits of emailing debtor statements

  • Email Statements & Transaction Summaries directly from within Toniq

  • Save on staff time/resource

  • Save paper and money on postage

  • Receive ‘Sent’ confirmation emails

  • System automatically saves a copy of Statements to your hard drive

Sending Statements for Email Debtors

Email debtors uses Account Category to group Email Debtors together.  

Once these email accounts are grouped up, you can:

  • EXCLUDE the Email Debtors category when Printing statements, then
  • INCLUDE the Email Debtors category when Emailing statements

Email Statement confirmation messages

When emailing your statements, they are sent in batches of 20. For each of these batches a confirmation email will be emailed back to you. If more than 20 emails were dispatched, then the emails will be split up, and an indicator will help you identify which batch is which. eg the subject will state

Toniq debtor email dispatch confirmation 1 of 2
Toniq debtor email dispatch confirmation 2 of 2

Customer emails

Customers email messages will show the date and their account id in the subject line.

Tip: If needed, the account id can be used for quickly finding debtor accounts. Simply type the number into the account search field and the correct account will be selected (like scanning a product barcode).

The body of the email will be the statement message set in the Account Category, and the statement will be an attached PDF document

Creating Email Statement Account Category

From the main menu:

  • 3 Debtors
  • 2 Debtor Setup Menu
  • 3 Maintain Account Categories
  • Press F3 Add to create a new one
  • Give the account category an obvious name (eg Email Debtors)
  • Tick the ‘Override general options and messages’ option as you will want to put a message in this screen which is applicable to just your email debtors
    NB: Remember that, due to hierarchy (individual debtor – category - general options) any override you have set on an individual debtor (eg individual fees and charges) will take precedence
  • If you want the majority of the Debtor Default options (eg Notes, fees) to apply to these debtors, press F2 Copy Gnrl.
    This will copy all the ‘Default settings’ into this screen and you can then edit accordingly
  • You can choose to produce and send an itemised transaction details report or client summary (good for rest homes) with each statement, by ticking the ‘Print a transaction details report’ or ‘Print a client summary for each statement’ box now
  • The General message field will appear as the Body of the email so is a great place to thank customers for receiving their statement electronically
  • F11 to the next page and check the settings on this screen are still applicable, you may want to change the fees charged etc
  • F11 back to page 1
  • F12 Accept Details

Failed email statements

When emailing statements, a new window will appear which indicates successful and failed debtor statement emailing, allowing you to easily resend failed email statements. After using F5 Email Statement, a prompt will let you know how many were successful and if any failed.

When this happens, a list of Fail and Success debtor accounts will appear on the right, and a new option F6 Resend Failed appears at the top which will resend all or selected failed emails.

If certain debtor accounts continue to be problematic, this could be an indication there is something wrong with the email address. You can either try to review and resolve yourself, or if you are having trouble identifying the debtor account, contact Toniq support, who can help identify the failed debtors.