NB: We recommend to use Maintain Contacts/Clients in Bulk instead Want to create targeted Contacts Lists?

From the Main Menu:

  • 5 Clubs, 3 Maintain Club Cards in bulk
  • Within the ‘Club’ field, press the spacebar and select the Club you require.
    NB: Leave this field blank to find club cards from all of your clubs
  • Optional: Tick the appropriate Promotional media boxes that you plan to use to target your customers.
    NB: It’s a good idea to target one media type at a time
  • Tick the No duplicates box then press F11 to move onto the next page

  • Press F11 to move back to Page 1 and then F12 [Accept Details] to generate your list
  • Press F3 Sort, 1 [Tx Value]. Your top customers will be displayed highest to lowest

  • To print a list of your top 200 Customers, press F9 Print List, then type in the number of customers you want, ie 200 and Enter. Press F12 Print
  • To print labels for your top 200 Customers, press F8 Print Labels, then 4 [Print first …]. Type in the number of customers you want, ie 200 and Enter. Confirm the Start Row and Column position of your first label and press F12 Accept. Press Y to confirm label print, then Y or N to sort by Postcode.

    NB: Before printing labels you must have assigned a Mail Label printer on page 1 and Label Cols and Rows on page 2 in the Device Setup options.