A large number of print jobs can accumulate in the Label Jobs queue over time.   You might notice this if the list of Label Jobs takes a long time to load.

Ideally jobs would be deleted as they are printed, using F11 Print Delete, but caution often leads to users pressing No to the Deletion prompt (because they haven’t looked at the labels yet) or to using the F9 Print option instead, both of which leaves the job on the queue.

Does this sound like you? HINT: Use the F11 Print Delete option, but leave the confirmation prompt on the screen (don’t press Y or N) until you have collected and checked the labels, then press Y to confirm deletion if they are OK.

Deleting Label Jobs

Jobs can be DELETED one by one OR all together OR MERGED one by one OR all together.

To decide which option to choose, review the list, From the Main Menu:

  • 2 Stock Control, 2 Label jobs
  • Press spacebar and arrow up and down to check for any jobs that are still wanted.

If NONE of the jobs are required

The jobs can ALL be DELETED together:

  • Select ANY job from the list.

  • Press F10 [Other]

  • then P [Purge all jobs]

  • Press Y [to confirm deletion]
    All label jobs in the queue will be deleted.

If SOME of the jobs ARE required

The unwanted jobs can be SELECT & DELETED

  • Select a job no longer required.

  • Press F10 [Other]

  • S [Purge selected jobs]

  • Using the arrow keys, highlight each label job you with to delete, then press ENTER
    (this adds it to the list above)

  • After all jobs have been selected, press F12 [Accept]

  • Press Y [to confirm deletion]

Merging Label Jobs

OR You can MERGE jobs of the same type (Product or Shelf) into one and then review this new job to edit it, print and delete it or simply delete it.

To MERGE jobs ONE by ONE

  • Select one of the jobs you wish to merge.
  • Press F5 [Merge Jobs].
  • Select the second job you want to merge. The two jobs will now be combined.
  • Select another job to merge in OR you can choose to print (and/or delete) in the normal method.

To MERGE ALL jobs of the same label type together

  • Select ANY job from the list
  • Press F6 [Merge All] (Warning: this merge cannot be undone!)
  • Press Y [to confirm merge]
  • You may choose to rename this job otherwise it will retain the originally selected label jobs name
  • You will now be able to proceed with printing (and/or deleting) in the normal method