Why might you want to do this?


You may wish to identify elderly patients in your age related residential care facilities who are not taking colecalciferol.

You may condider that a review of these people (with the rest home doctor) may identify patients who should be taking colecalciferol, perhaps as part of a strategy to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall

This is one way that pharmacy could pro-actively work with other health providers to improve the service that the sector delivers.

How to get a list of patients?

Use the Patient Bulk Edit feature to select ALL patients in the care facility and then remove those that have had colecalciferol leaving only those who've NOT had colecalciferol

  • 9. Other, 2. Bulk edit patients.
  • Set date range
  • Set 'from' Items to 1, leave 'to' items blank

This generates a list of patients which have had at least one dispensing for any medicine in the date range.

  • F2 Edit List - Remove patients in bulk
  • Set the SAME date range 'from' and 'to' number of items
  • Select medicine Colecalciferol
  • Press F12 Accept

The list can be printed and used to review other medicines these patients are on, thereby enabling decisions to be made benefiting patients.