How do I know what Security Access my staff need for particular functions?

Return to the main menu of Toniq, press F2 Log On then Escape. Now attempt to enter the area of the program you are reviewing Security Access for. BEFORE entering your own logon check the field to the right of the User Log On box. The Security Access required for this area is shown here.

How do I change their Security access?

From the Main Menu:

  • 7 Administration, 4 Maintain Staff/Workgroups, 1 Maintain Staff
  • Press Enter and select the staff member you require
  • Under ‘Security Details’ (on the right hand side of the screen) highlight the access line required and press spacebar to toggle between Yes or No (without the *)
    NB: An option that shows a Yes* or No* means that this particular option is reflective of, and is being controlled/updated by, the template settings - a change to the template will change this staff members option.
  • F12 Accept Details once your changes have been made

NB: For a list of the Security options and what they allow access to press F1 Help whilst in any staff members’ record.