Use Bulk Edit Patients

Bulk edit patients enables pharmacy to list patients with active dosepacks, using the Has active dosepacks selection tick box. 

However, patients with active dosepacks are not quite the same thing as active pack patients! 

To list these, the selection needs to be further refined to patients who have actually had some medicine dispensed relatively recently.

How-to Guide

  • Main menu, 9 – Other, 2 – Bulk edit patients F3 Add
  • Name the report under Criteria Name  i.e. Active Dosepack Patients (so you can run it again in the future)
  • Set the Script Criteria: 
  • Enter a period start date of e.g. approx. 4 months ago
  • F11 – Next page

  • Tick has active dosepacks (located in bottom left)
  • F11 – Next page, F11 – Next page, F11 – Next page
  • F12 – Accept details

Other Refinements to the Criteria that may be Useful

  • Patients in a particular institution? Select that institution from patient criteria on the first page (under Patient criteria)
  • Community pack patients only? If the pharmacy serves rest homes AND community patients and the latter are NOT grouped in a institution (eg. Community or Private) then there is a client criteria “No institution” tick box, that can be added to the criteria for the above
  • Patients for rest homes only? Run the Active dosepack patients report as above and then use F2 Edit to Remove patients in bulk. The criteria to remove will either be “No institution” or a selected institution e.g Private, depending on the pharmacy setup NB: No institution tick box is on 2nd page