Review your existing Clubs setup and HIDE any clubs and club cards that are no longer in use. This will make searching and selecting Clubs and Club card customers a lot quicker.


Review your Clubs:

From Main menu:

  • 5 Clubs,
  • 4 Club Reports
  • 6 Clubs List
  • F12 Accept Details
  • F12 Print or F10 View Pages
  • Review the report, highlighting clubs that you want to hide.  (We recommend retaining a copy of this report for future reference.)

To Hide the Associated Club Cards:

  • 5 Clubs 
  • 3 Maintain Club Cards in Bulk 
  • Press space bar in the Clubs field and select the Club you would like to hide
    NB: if the club is already hidden, use F7 show hidden
  • Press F12 (Accept Details)
  • Once the list is generated, select F4 (Set Other), 4 (Hide/Show card)
  • Tick SET, then F12 (Accept Details) TWICE, then Y (Yes) to the change prompt

To Hide the Club:

  • 5 Clubs 
  • 1 Maintain Clubs 
  • Press Enter for a full list and select the Club you want to hide
  • Leave the existing name AS IS, DO NOT RENAME or REMOVE the Club Name
  • You now want to UNTICK all boxes and remove any levels and bonus products
  • Remove all groups, departments, catalogues and/or any collections listed.(Instructions below)
  • Now tick the Hide box and F12 [Accept Details]

To Remove Collections listed in the club. 

This e.g. is going to remove one group from the club.

  • From the edit club screen F5 Remove,1 Groups and select the group(s) to remove e.g. "BEDAZZLED JEWELLERY" and press F12 Accept.
  • Repeat to remove all collection types.
  • F12 Accept Details