The following allows you to find and merge any duplicate suppliers whilst retaining all the order histories (from all duplication's) under the one ‘correct’ supplier. 

How to produce a list of Suppliers: :

From the main menu in Retail:

  • 6 Reports
  • 4 Audit/Utility reports
  • 3 General lists
  • 8  More list reports 
  • 2 Supplier 
  • Do not select any supplier, just press F12 to Accept Details then F12 to Print

Check the report for any duplicates.  Also check with the Dispensary staff as some of these suppliers may be their suppliers which they want to keep

NB: (If you do have separate supplier records for Dispensary and Retail it is a good idea to add ‘– Retail’ or ‘– Dispensary’ to the end of the supplier name)

How to merge duplicate suppliers:

  • Complete a backup before doing any type of merging
  • From main menu, select Stock control (2), Maintain supplier (7)
  • Press Enter and select the supplier you want to KEEP
  • Press F10 [Other] then M [Merge]
  • Select the supplier that is TO BE MERGED INTO this correct supplier 
  • You will be prompted to ensure you do wish to continue with the merge, if you are sure press Y
  • F12 [Accept Details] once complete

Retail will then proceed to merge previous orders from the merged supplier into the ‘kept’ supplier. When the Orders Received Report is now viewed on this supplier, it will show ALL orders from both supplier entries under the merged supplier.

NB:  Once merged, these suppliers CANNOT be re-separated