What is Sell Check?

Sell-Check is an add-on module that enables pharmacies to confidentially share comparative pricing & sales rates and is designed to help you monitor how your pricing compares to other pharmacies and to find pricing anomalies. 

The Sell Check Variance Report is one of the great tools included with Sell Check to help you monitor your product price competitiveness.

From the Main Menu:

  • 6 Reports, 2 Sales reports, 4 Sell-Check reports, 1 Sell-Check variance
  •  F3 [Add] or recall an existing report

        The options you choose are entirely up to you, but some suggested settings are:

  • Set a ‘Percentage Variance eg 30
  • Set ‘Show variance’ to Either
  • Set ‘Sort by’ to Alpha                                               
  • Either tick ‘In Stock only’  OR  set a number in ‘Sold within (days)
  • F12 [Accept Details] then F10 [View Screens] or F12 [Print]

The resulting report will show your current Sell Price, the Median All (extracted data average) sell price and the variance % between the two prices.  It will also show the High and Low Qtr sell prices and 1 year comparisons.

How is the Sell Check data pool collected?

An automated summary of products and pricing is extracted from participating pharmacies monthly. Only products which have a common identifier (GUIDs set by Toniq Pricelists) are used, so the more Pricelists you use, the more data you get!  The extract is not a profile of your business and pharmacy details are not held on the ‘Sell-Check’ database.

For more information about registering for Sell-Check please contact one of the team at Toniq on 03-3410195.