What are Address Shortcuts?

Address shortcuts are abbreviated codes used to reduce keystrokes when typing common street, city names etc.  After typing in a single or multiple character, Toniq displays the full expanded name, which can then be selected.

The address shortcut result displayed may change as more letters are typed.

How are they set up?

From the Retail Main Menu:

  •  7 Administration, 5 Other administration, 5 Maintain address shortcuts
  • F3 [Add]
  • Type in a shortcut code (NO SPACES)

  • Type in the full Expansion of the Street/City etc

  • F12 [Accept Details]

NB:  If the shortcut field goes RED, this shortcut already exists

Want a list of all your current existing shortcuts?

  • From within the Maintain address shortcuts select F5 [Print All]
  • F10 [View Pages] and if required F12 [Print All]

NB:  Shortcuts set up in Retail are also available in Dispensary and visa versa. They apply to all areas of the program that require address input (e.g. Patients, Doctors, Clients, Clubs, Debtors, Staff etc)