Are your Club Bonus Levels resetting correctly?

The main reason for Club bonus levels failing to reset correctly is when the Bonus product itself has inadvertently been moved out of a collection type (group, department or catalogue) being recognised in this Clubs setup.

It is best practice to add your individual bonus product(s)to your Club setup, guaranteeing that your levels will continue to reset correctly, regardless of the collection types the Bonus Product(s) belong to, now and in the future.
NB: You cannot exclude and include individual products

How do I check if a club is currently bonusing correctly?

From main menu:

  • 5 Clubs

  • 1 Maintain Clubs press Enter and select your ‘Bonus Awarding’ club.

  • Just press F12 Accept.

If you have not added the individual products and you receive an error message about bonus ineligibility, your Bonus Product(s) is not currently in a club-recognised collection.

Once the individual Bonus Product(s) are added to the relevant clubs (as above) the problem is resolved and you will never get the error message again.

How do I add my Bonus Product?

From main menu:

  • 5 Clubs

  • 1 Maintain Clubs, press Enter and select a ‘Bonus Awarding’ club.

  • Press F3 Add, then 8 Products.

  • Find and highlight the required Bonus product then press Enter.

  • If you’re Club uses MORE than 1 Bonus Product (ie a multi-level club with different ‘Default’ Bonus Products or a club where the customer gets to pick from a selection of Bonus products, which are subsequently marked as Bonus at POS) just add them all.

  • Once all bonus products are selected, press F12 Accept.

  • These product(s) will now be listed under the ‘Products’ collection type.

  • F12 Accept Details.