Patient History Lookup

A patient’s history shows that they have had a medicine that is covered by the same special authority requirements as a new medicine just prescribed.

The doctor has not put a special authority number on the new prescription.

How to Check if Previous Medicine had Valid Special Authority and Transfer to New Medicine

  1. Main menu, 1 – Prescriptions
  2. Enter new medicine details until prompted for Special Authority:
  3. Press F7 – Hist Lookup 

A search screen is displayed of all medicines in recent history that have had a special authority along with the number and its expiry date.

If (one of) the authorities displayed is appropriate for the new medicine being processed, select it and the special authority form will be populated with the same number and expiry as the one selected.

If necessary, the F9 Lookup Sp Auth can then be pressed to double check the MOH approvals database.

NB: PRESS these function keys, they do not respond to a mouse click