My system is down, but I need to keep doing Sales … Retail Till Mode!

System disruptions due to power spikes, hard drive problems, network failures etc. cause frustration and delays, not only for yourselves, but also for your customers.

Retail Till Mode will then allow normal sale operations to continue, reducing downtime while customers are in the store. 

If your Toniq Server has gone down or you have a network issue, your Retail tills should automatically enter “Till Mode”. This will be obvious by the “Server Off-line” message displayed across the top of the screen when you enter POS Selling.

Otherwise … you can manually start the Retail Till Mode program:

Starting Retail in Till Mode

Depending on the version of windows, these instructions may vary.  
There should be a Retail Till Mode shortcut to load from the Windows Start Menu.

Windows 7, 8 & 10

After clicking the start button, you should be able to type in the word "retail" and the icon above should appear.

Click the icon to start Retail Till Mode.

When your system is operational again

  • Exit the Retail Till Mode program

  • Start Retail as per normal

  • Sales done whilst in Till Mode will now automatically load into your database when the normal Retail program has restarted successfully. 

NB: It is best practice to double check this by using the recall transaction function and check that sales done whilst in Retail Till Mode are now showing. If they are not showing try again in a few minutes (there may be a refresh time lag).  If still not showing contact Toniq. 

TIP: If your program froze when the system went down you may need to use <Ctrl> <Alt> and <Del> together, to go into Task Manager, go into the Processes or Applications tab. Click once on the Toniq Retail System program, click End Task. Now close out of Task Manager and start Retail Till Mode