Within a Debtor Account you have a selection of report & statement options which can be printed.

Print Select within a Debtor Account

From the Main Menu:

  • 3 Debtors, 1 Maintain Debtor Account
  • To find the debtor you require type in part of the debtor name and press Enter, then select from the list displayed. If the debtor you require is not displayed try pressing F7 [Show Hidden] and review the list again.
  • Use F6 [<- Month] and F7 [-> Month] to move between previous and next months transactions
  • Press F9 [Print Select] key and choose what to print:

Print Select Options:

1.  Statement

Reprint the statement

2.  Transaction summary 

Detailed list of individual transactions, including items

3. & 4.  Client summary

List of invoices, credits and payments, sales are grouped together by Client, NOT entry date/time.  Can separate page per client.

5.  Client transaction

List of each transaction ITEM per client - can also include Financial items, which are the charge and payment actions on the account - either in a full list or as separate page per client

6.  Extended summary 

Prompts for Opening and Ending date range, then will list ALL invoices, credits and payments for the selected date range required. Prompts to include detailed Transaction items, choose No for a summary (credits/debits only)

7.  A4 invoices for the month 

This will print all the invoices/charged to the account for the month selected, as individual A4 Invoices per transaction.

8.  Address label

If the mail label printer is setup, this will print an address label to the label printer.

9.  A4 invoice for selected transaction

Just the highlighted transaction