Want to print a full A4 invoice, not a basic receipt, without charging it through a Debtor account?

After Completing Sale

  • Simply complete the POS transaction as normal - your regular thermal receipt will print. 
  • Now simply press F7 [Print Inv.] and voila ... an A4 invoice will now be printing to your Report printer.

NB: If there is a client attached to the sale, their name will be included on the invoice as well.

From Recall Transaction Log

After logging into POS Selling, F10 [Other], R [Recall], highlight the appropriate transaction and F7 [Print Inv.].

NB: You need an A4 Invoice printer selected in Device Setup to use this option. 
This is a workstation specific setting so will need to be configured on each PC you want A4 invoices printed from.

To set up A4 printer in Device Setup:

From main menu:

  • 7 [Administration]
  • 1 [Setup]
  • 2 [Workstation Configuration]
  • 1 [Devices Setup]
  • In the A4 Printer field Press [spacebar] and select an appropriate A4 printer
  • F12 [Accept Details]