Completing the Monthly Retail Rollover Process:

The Retail Rollover is normally an automated process that occurs when you open a Retail program for the first time on the 1st of every month. 

These red boxes will appear for a short time and then disappear.

Good practice is to close out of all Toniq programs on all PCs every night but in particular on the last day of the month.

NB: If sales are not appearing in the correct month or new product sales are not showing, your automated rollover may not have occurred. Close out of Retail and reopen the program. If still incorrect, contact the Toniq Retail team.

Completing the Monthly Debtor Rebalance:

Rebalancing your Debtor accounts before completing your monthly Debtor Statement print run is good practice

From Main menu:

  • 3 Debtors
  • 9 Rebalance Accounts

NB: If recent Journal Entries or Account changes do not appear to have calculated correctly (normally on accounts older than 3 months) try Rebalancing.

Completing the Daily backup:

Even if you use an off-site backup service it is still good practice to do a daily backup to at least one location across the network. 

From Main menu:

  • 8 [Backup]
  • 1 [Backup to location 1 fixed]

 For help checking your backup locations call one of the Toniq team on 033410195.