A ‘client’ is the customer and/or patient from your database. Dispensary ‘Patients’ and Retail ‘Clients’ are one-and-the-same in your database and share a common record. So if a person has only ever had a script in Dispensary they are already in the database and a second Client record does not need to be added.

From the Main Menu:

  • 1 POS, 1 POS selling, Log On
  • Press F5 [Client] to find the customer
    Searches for clients can be performed various ways depending on details entered or the placement of the comma. Use one of many search options:
  • Typing just Smith finds all clients with Smith as part of surname
  • Typing Smith, P finds clients with Smith as part of surname and first name starting with P
  • Typing P Smith finds clients with first name starting P and Smith as part of surname
  • Typing S,P finds clients with surname starting with S and first name starting with P
  • Typing 3338 finds all clients with 338 in their phone or mobile number field
  • Typing smith@ finds all clients with smith@ in their email address field
Also you can use multiple commas to move onto address and phone searches
  • Typing ,,Riccarton (2 commas) finds all clients with Riccarton in the first line of their address
  • Typing ,,,338 (3 commas) finds all clients with 338 in their phone number field

NB: Searches can also include secondary or bracketed name, eg Robert (Bob) Brown, by ticking/enabling the ‘Alt Search First Names’ option, found under 7 [Administration], 1 [Setup], 8 [General Options], tick Alt Search First Names’ and then F12 [Accept Details] to save changes.

If there are more than 9 names displayed press Page Down to continue reviewing client names before making your selection. Whilst moving down the list of customers additional client details will be displayed at the bottom of the screen to assist with selecting the right customer. These details include:

  • Address & Contact details
  • Note or POS Notes
  • Any clubs they are members of & their associated Card number details
  • Driver’s license details

You can also toggle contact details when a list of potential matches has been found by using the F4 Toggle email (which toggles between address and email) and F5 Toggle Mobile (which toggles between phone or mobile)

  • Select the correct client using the red numeric displayed down the side of the screen
  • Or highlight the correct client and press ENTER

As customers can be hidden press F7 Show Hidden to check this as well during searches.

If the customer you require is still NOT found you can add one now using F3 Add New. Refer to the Clients section of this manual (or press F1 Help) for more information about the Client screen

NB: If you have what appears to be an exact duplicate of the same client a Dispensary team member should review the RX history on both client/patient records and merge if deemed appropriate.