Turn On/Off After Hours Fees

From the main menu

  • 1 Prescriptions
  • F10 Other
  • A AH Fee Include (turn on) / AH Fee Exclude (turn off)

Set Up After Hours Reminders

After Hours Fees need to be activated on each workstation – if your pharmacy often forgets to activate this, you may want to set up a reminder:
(For this example, the After Hours service is after 6pm every weekday and from 3pm on Saturday,  so a daily reminder task and a weekly (Sat) reminder task is required)

Daily reminder

  • Find the name of at least one after hours dispensary computer (use F10 About to find out PC name)
  • Main menu – F9 Diary tasks,
  • F8 Add task - Setup the task similar to example shown and then press F12 Accept

Copy the weekly task/reminder to the other Dispensary workstations

On each of the other workstations which will be used after hours:

  • Go into Diary tasks
  • highlight the new task
  • use F9 Copy Task
  • and copy to “This workstation”
  • F12 Accept

Saturday task/reminder

Follow the same process for setting up the task but:

  • Set the date to be 'next' Saturday
  • the due time to be 03:00pm
  • reminder 02:58pm
  • recurring task: weekly, every Saturday
  • Copy this to all AH Fee workstations as before

Is your DHB going to fund your After Hours Fees for Under 14’s?

Exclude Under 14's from After Hours Fees

  • 7 Administration
  • 1 Setup
  • 4 Standard price parameters
  • Tick the option No AH Fee for Under 14s

** The Rxs processed after hours for under 14s will still be flagged as AH Fee. But the price for the After Hours fee will be $0 **

Reporting the Under 14's AH fees for the DHB

If your DHB has agreed to cover the cost of under 14’s After Hours Fees, then they may require some evidence of the Rx’s processed after hours along with an invoice.

To list items go to 3 – Reports, 2 – Prescription reports,  2 – Prescription details.

  • First time this is run, give the report a name e.g. Monthly AH Fees Under 14
    (so that next time the report can be selected and only the date is changed)
  • Enter Start date and End date to reflect the relevant month
  • Enter Patient age range: From 0 and to 13 (or 6 to 13 for some DHB’s)
  • Press the F8 No Pat. Details function key
  • Tick Include New Rxs, Include Repeats, Patient Name order, and Show patient birth date
  • Press F11 – Next page
  • Tick ‘AH Fee’ applied
  • F11 – Next page
  • F12 – Accept

The report can be printed or sent to PDF file to use as an email attachment. The report as described is safe to send via email since there is no patient identifier.

BUT If patient names are shown you are breaching privacy laws by sending the report through the internet. The report has a total on it that can be used to prepare an invoice according to DHB requirements.