Have you ever recalled a client in POS Selling and noticed that they appear to have more than 1 card in the same club? Yes.

How did this happen?

This is normally an indication that two client/patient records have been merged together and both clients had a card in your Club. Once merged the 2 cards now belong to the same client. 

NB: Pharmacies can only merge Clients/Patients from within the Dispensary program.

How do I correct this?

First check your club setup to make sure it allows merging. 

From the Main Menu:

  • 5 Clubs, 1 Maintain Clubs 
  • Select the club you wish to check
  • Tick the option “Allow merge”, then F12 [Accept Details].
    NB: Setting this option allows you to merge cards together for the same club.

Whilst looking at the Client record in POS Selling, select one of the duplicate cards using the appropriate F6/F7/F8 key.

  • F2 [Edit Card]
  • F10 [Other], 2 [Merge card]
  • Type in the Clients name and find the SECOND card for this client (you need to select the OTHER ID number, NOT the one you are already accessing – see example below)
  • Y [Yes] to confirm the merge
  • F12 [Accept] three times and then <Escape> to exit POS Selling screen

Can I merge cards together from different clients so they can share points?

Yes - two peoples cards can be merged together in the same way so their history and purchases are shared, allowing them to reach bonuses faster. 

If the second customer does not already have a loyalty card, you can Share the first customers Club Card.  From the Edit Client screen, use Share Card to select the Club Card of the first person whose club card is already setup.

Please contact Toniq Support for more information.

IMPORTANT: As with merging anywhere in the Retail program be sure you want these permanently merged as it cannot be undone!!!!