How to get a printed patient history. Use the Prescription details Report

Reviewing Patient History

With the move towards a patient centred approach more pharmacists are needing to review items in a patients history with other health providers. The prescription details report is an Easy way to get a printed faxable version of the patient history.

  • 3. Reports
  • 2. Prescription Reports
  • 2. Prescription Details 
  • If the report has been used before press the space bar and see if there is a saved patient history report, select this if there is
  • If there is no suitable saved report press F3 Add.
  • Check or setup the criteria that you need to produce a good patient history report - see example below

  • Once checked, (usually only the date range and patient would need to be changed) press F12 Accept Details and print.

Restrict history to certain medicines?  If they are in the same Pharmac therapeutic group, select the group too.