Incorrect Stock values and poor GPs are generally caused by incorrect Buy Multiple setup, Stock card values or Order Receipting processes and will be skewing your financial reporting figures in Sales Analysis, Key Indicator, Stock Value and Stock Profit reports (refer to the Reporting manual for more information*).

*Toniq manuals can be found on any PC where Toniq program is installed, under Start, (All) Programs, Toniq Manuals

A good time to find and repair these erroneous products is before your End of Financial Year Reporting is required.  The Sales Analysis report can be used as a quick check for items to review.

How to Identify/Find these products:

  • 6 [Reports], 2 [Sales Reports], 1 [Sales Analysis].  F3 [Add]
  • Enter a date range (you could do the current month or maybe a couple of months)
  • Tick Product, Show Last Cost & Show Gross Profit
  • Enter a No of Items – 100 should be OK (we hope you don’t have more negatives than this)
  • Press space bar in the Ranking field and select Bot Markup%
  • F12 [Accept Details] to generate report then F10 [View Screen]

NB: As the Ranking is actually recalling items based on stockcard ‘markup’ you may need to scroll down past these, and items with no Sales $, before you get to the first negative GP results.

Checking & Resolving the products:

  • 2 [Stock Control], 3 [Stock Maintenance], 2 [Maintain Products]
  • Type in the PLU of the item under investigation
  • If it is a Buy Multiple product refer to Resolving Buy Multiples to correct the stockcard and history

  • If it is a ‘Service’ item (eg passport photos, items that will have no Purchase History) check the Std, Last and Prev Weight Average fields – one of these fields may be displaying an unrealistic value in relation to Sell price.   This will also be applicable to general items if they were not received in via an order, eg staff have just stock adjusted the products SOH field.**

  • If it is general item check the Purchase history (F6 Stats, F8 Purchase History).  Costs may have been entered incorrectly at order receipt.  Rectify these figures then F12 [Accept details], then 1 if the most recent order was this month or 2 if most recent was a previous month

Some products will actually be valid negative GPs

  • the items were sold well below cost, check the cost of the item against what it was sold for (F6 Stats, F7 Sales History).  May have been on special.
  • items were given away or stock may have been adjusted down eg during stocktake (F6 Stats, Adj column)

Other negative GP influences include

  • Low stockcard markup
  • Incorrect Sell Price
  • Discounts
  • Credits
  • Vouchers / Giftcards

**Alternative Service Product Setup:  If you use a ‘Service Item’ with Always Enter price set (to allow for variable sales on one stockcard) work out your average markup for this type of sale and put this in the Reprice Markup % field.  Clear out any Std cost, Sell Price or Last cost fields.  On page 2 tick Always Enter Price and Cost from Markup.  Service Products should be set to Non-Diminishing and Don’t Order (under F4 [Stock] in the product card)