Arrow Pharmaceuticals have changed their name to Actavis New Zealand Ltd so the Arrow price file has been renamed to Actavis and the prefix on the manufacturer product codes has changed from 'Arr' to 'ACT'. All other product details remain unchanged (including GUIDs).

If you use Arrow price file you need to complete the following instructions to ensure product information, codes and pricing continue to be updated.

The current Arrow file name should be EDITED.  DO NOT delete the current Arrow pricelist or add the new Actavis pricelist.

1) Edit the file name:

    a) 2 [Stock Control], 6 [Price Lists Sell-Check], 1 [Maintain Price Lists]

    b) In the ‘Select Price List’ screen, recall and select the Arrow file name

    c) In ‘Price List Name’ field change the name from Arrow to Actavis. F12 [Accept Details]

    d) Press <Esc> once to return to the ‘Price Lists’ menu

2) Download the Actavis file:

    a) 3 [Check/Download price lists]

    b) F4 [Check I/Net]. Wait for the list to download

    c) Place a tick in the box to the left of file name Actavis (probably in green text)

    d) F7 [Dn/ld P/L]. The file will download.  Click on OK when finished

    e) The file name will have turned blue, probably with an '*' beside the ‘Active’ date. Stay in the ‘Price lists downloads’ screen

3) Activate the Actavis file:

    a) F2 [Maint P/L]

    b) Complete your normal F6 [Report Removed], 7 [Report Change] and F8 [Report New] processes

    c) F9 [Update Prod].  A warning appears. Press Y [Yes] to continue. (At this point the prefixes on the manufacturer product codes will         change automatically)

    d) A prompt to produce price labels for PLU changes may appear.  Answer W [to print job now] or Y [to save and print later]*

    e) F12 [Accept Details] twice, then press <Esc> twice to return to the main menu

    f) If the "PLU Changes" prompt did appear and you chose to ‘print later’, go into Label Jobs (2 [stock Control], 2 [Label Jobs] to print         the new PLUs *

*Labels should be printed and products re-stickered immediately as existing PLU stickers will no longer scan.  If no labels are displayed you may not have had stock of or a label type assigned for the products in question.

4) Other product maintenance that may be required:

    Depending on how Actavis products were organised in the pharmacy database, consideration may need to be given to changing one       or more of the following fields: Department, Manufacturer, Catalogue, Reprice Method (these may be done through Maintain Products       in Bulk) and ‘New Product Defaults’ (set in the Maintain Pricelists screen)


Using this process will automatically change any Pricelist name association from Arrow to Actavis – eg the Price List in an order type, Std. Pricelist on stock cards.

You will need to manually change Supplier names, saved Order or Reports name etc. as you choose.