Possible causes:

  • No ‘Std Pricelist’ is set and therefore the pricelist is not uploading the correct data into the product file with which to determine/calculate a valid Sell Price.
  • When receiving the order, the order screen and/or Received Orders Report aren’t being checked to identify zero Sell Prices.
  • The incorrect ‘Reprice Method’ is set (eg: Set to RRP, however the Supplier Pricelist doesn’t contain RRPs).

How to find?

  • 2 Stock Control
  • 3 Stock Maintenance
  • 1 Maintain Products in bulk
  • Press Enter to see a list of pre-created reports or if not already available and you want to save this selection for future use (to avoid configuring each time) F3 [Add] then type a recognisable name into the ‘Criteria name’ field
  • Tick the ‘In stock’ and ‘Incl Hidden’ boxes
  • Press F11 for page 2 and in the field ‘Sell Price’ and the column ‘Under or Equal’ type in ‘0.01’

  • Press F12 [Accept Details] to generate your list

How to resolve?

  • F2 [Edit List] then ‘R’ [Remove in bulk], F11 [Next page], tick the ‘Always enter price’ option then F12 [Accept Detail] (to remove items that will not have a sell price set and will prompt for one on each sale eg Freight)
  • Press F2 Edit List then ‘E’ for Edit Item by Item
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the desired item and press F2 to Edit Product
  • Look at the standard cost, Markup, Reprice method and last cost fields to determine why your product has no Sell price and change as appropriate
  • Press F3 Reprice if you do want to assign a price these items now
  • If you use Price labels you may also choose to press F8 Labels to produce new labels for your current stock on hand
  • Press F12 to Accept Details
  • When each item has been fixed press F12 to Accept Details then F12 to Accept Details again and answer ‘Y’ for Yes to save the changes

Future Use?

  • If you gave this report a ‘Criteria Name’ during original creation it will be available for future use. Next time you want to use this report, go into 2. Stock Control, 3. Stock Maintenance, 1. Maintain Products in Bulk, press ENTER and select the report you named. All the original settings will have been retained and you can simply F12 [Accept Details] to generate a new list

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