It is not normal practice to hide items that have stock on hand, however sometimes this is done in error. The following process will help keep control of these and can be run every month or so.

So find them……… 

From Main Menu:

  • 2 [Stock Control],
  • 3 [Stock Maintenance],
  • 1 [Maintain Products in Bulk]
  • Tick ‘In Stock’ and
  • Tick ‘Only Hidden’ 
  • Press F12 [Accept Details] to generate your list

Review them………

……and remove the items that are correct i.e. the ones that should STAY hidden

  • Press F2 [Edit List]
  • Press [Edit list item by item]
  • Arrow down and highlight an item that is correctly hidden (in other words an item that you do NOT wish to unhide).
  • Press F10 [Del Item]
    (NB: this will only remove the item from this list, not from your database)
  • Continue to highlight and press F10 until all these correctly hidden items are removed from your list
  • Then F12 [Accept Details] once

Now deal with the ones that are left…..

……which should all be items with stock on hand that you DO want to UNHIDE

  • Press F7 [Set Stock],
  • Select 2 [Hide/Show Stock],
  • Leave the Unset box ticked,
  • Press F12 [Accept Details],
  • F12 [Accept Details] again
  • Press Y [Yes] to prompt.