Make your Hidden Products RED to make them more visible

Hidden products have always been shown as Red lines in Orders. 

Hidden products can now be displayed in Red in other areas of the program too.

  • Product search lists, POS Selling screen,

  • Maintain Products in Bulk, Stocktakes,

  • Jobs, Label Jobs.

To turn them Red:

From Main Menu:

  • 7 Administration, 
  • 1 Setup,
  • 8 General Options
  • F11 to Page 3
  • Tick the option “Highlight Hidden Items” and press F12 Accept.

Now, if a hidden item is scanned at POS, or if you have included Hidden stock in your Rolling Stocktake, or if you press F7 Show Hidden during a Product search, then the Product Description of the hidden items will be displayed in RED alerting you to them immediately.