You can use the “New product default” section of the Maintain Pricelists screen to ‘organise’ new products automatically as you update a pricelist.

This includes applying the appropriate reprice method, markups and placing them into the suitable collection types.  

  • Go into the Pricelist settings screen (from Maintain Pricelists or Check/ Download - part of your normal pricelist update process)
  • Place details into the fields you want autopopulated for new products

            -  Spacebar and Enter in Collection type fields 

            -  Spacebar in the Price, Shelf and Reprice method fields

            -  Type details into the Manufacturer, Markup % and RRP adjustment fields 

                NB:  You do not have to put information in any or all of these fields

  • F12 Accept Details to save settings  

NB:  If you do not select a Reprice Method, Reprice markup %, Price and/or Shelf label type products will inherit the system database default*  

NB:  These ‘New product defaults’ do not change existing products in your database.  

* To check your Retail program database defaults, go to 7 [Administration], 1 [Setup], 8 [General Options], F11 [Next page] for default pricing method and label options; and 7 [Administration], 1 [Setup], 4 [Price Parameters] for default markup %