When you make changes to a client who is linked to a debtor account you are prompted to ‘Copy Details to’ - at which time staff should check and confirm the changes.

However if the client is linked to a 'multiple-client debtor account' (eg a Resthome) and the staff member accidentally copies the details across to your Resthome account will ‘disappear’ - as it will have been renamed with the Client details.


Setting Don't update name and address

Prevent this happening to your major accounts, go to:

  • 3 Debtors
  • 1 Maintain Debtors
  • Recall one of your accounts (eg a Resthome account)
  • F11 Next page
  • Tick Don’t Update Name and Address

  • F12 Accept Details

Making changes to associated clients at POS will no longer prompt to (or Copy across) to these Debtor accounts.

NB: Details on these debtor accounts will now need to be done in the Maintain Debtors area of the program – not POS