The ‘Exceptions’ report highlights your seller activities/actions.  This report will list all transactions that are ‘out of the ordinary’ (ie Voids, Edits, No Sales, Price Overrides, Item discounts). 

From the Main Menu: 

  • 6 Reports, 4 Audit/Utility Reports, 1 Exception
  • Enter the date range required
  • Optional: Tick ‘Include details’ if transaction details are required
  • This report can be refined to a particular seller or/and workstation by pressing space bar and selecting within the appropriate fields
  • F12 [Accept Details]

If ‘Include details’ was ticked individual transactions are listed:

NB: To force sellers to enter reasons tick the ‘Prompt for reason’ options in General Options (7. Administration, 1. Setup, 8. General Options).  It is a good idea to enter a “Minimum reason length” on the second page (F11) of General Options to stop ‘short rubbish’ being entered.

There are summaries on/at the end of the report, one showing the number of actions, the other showing % of actions (NB: the figures below are from a very short period):