In the latest 5.2 program version many of the main changes that occur on a stockcard are now being tracked and can be viewed on the stockcard itself or on the new Product Audit report.

Recall the product stockcard (in Maintain Products) and choose F10 [Other] then A [Audit log].

The main line of the change will show the date and time, the program in which the change was made, workstation, type of change (Edit, Merge, Delete) and the staff member who actioned the changes.

And, as each main change line is highlighted, down below you will see the actual changes.  

(NB: not all changes are tracked, generally just queried changes)

Or they can be reported on using the new Product Audit (6 [Reports], 4 [Audit/Utility], 2 [Product Audit]).

Choose from the selections on page 1 to decide on the types of changes that are to be reviewed & in which order, and use the criteria fields (on the right hand side) to review a specific range of products.  Then on page 2 choose the property/fields you want displayed. You can choose to save the report (to re-use it) by giving it a name before accepting and reviewing.